Grease Stop is a leading provider of kitchen exhaust cleaning services to help prevent grease fires and grease build in the hoods, ducts, and fans. We sell a product called FRYLOW that is inserted into a deep fryer that extends the life of the oil by 50% or more and produces less oily, crispier & healthier fried food. Also, we solve the ‘people shortage’ with an autonomous robot called PLATO that assists your servers in delivering the food to the customers and return the empty dishes to your kitchen. PLATO can be used in VA hospitals and government repair & maintenance facilities as well.

Core Competencies

  • Degreases the complete kitchen exhaust system
  • Remove dirt and gum on sidewalks
  • Install and support grease containment around roof exhaust fan
  • Install Frylow units in fryers to decrease 50% or more of Fry oil usage
  • Install & Program Plato the robot to carry food in kitchens or anything else in Veteran hospitals


  • 20 years of federal government sales experience selling Xerox data center main frame printers in Washington DC.
  • Started in 2004 and currently has 20 employees servicing over 1500 companies which includes 3 PA military bases.
  • Distributor of a worldwide product in the US selling Frylow east coast & national accounts. Frylow cuts the oil weight in half for all cruise lines. Great for Navy ships.
  • Distributor of Plato the robot now in the US. German/French company now in US.

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