• Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Degreasing Hoods, fans, vertical and horizontal ducts, plus opening and closing access panels. We also install a grease containment system around the exhaust fan plus install hinges on the fan. For more information go to

  • Frylow Installation

    We sell and service Frylow units in Fryers. For more information go to
    Frylow Testimonial Streams - How does Frylow Work - How Frylow Extends Fry oil Life - Momo’s in San Francisco - Patrizio Restaurant

  • Provide Plato for Kitchens, Hospitals & Military Facilities

    We program the robot called Plato to carry food in the kitchen to the tables, Plato will carry the buss dishes back to the kitchen via remote headset from the server. Plato is also helpful in retirement homes and veteran hospitals for daily heavy carrying up to 88 lbs. Plato Pro is used to carry twice the weight in civilian and military vehicles, aircraft and naval facilities in their maintenance department. For more information on Plato go to
    Plato Streams - mostly in French since they just started shipping here. LA is the HQ - Introducing Plato- First serving Cobiot - Restaurant video in French - Restaurant Video -Pizza, Hamburgers in French - Bakery in Florida in English -Voice commands and Plato talking - Delivery mission -United Robotics website - Mapping Plato - Charging Plato