"To whom it may concern: My business has been very satisfied with Grease Stop. Phenomenal customer service, great attitudes, brilliant work ethic, and overall diligence and competence. My venue has been well maintained from the moment we decided on Grease Stop. I would gladly recommend them to any other Restaurant or business."

Anthony Burgio Melt Restaurant, General Manager

"The Idea behind having Plato with us is efficiency; It will save time, it will lave money, and it will complement our staff!"

Edwin (owner) Mecatos Bakery & Cafe

"Perfect Solution to the Rising Costs of Deep Frying Oil. With purchasing responsibilities for restaurants located all over the contiguous US, Alaska and Hawaii Restaurant’s Unlimited Inc., I field many requests to try new products and technologies. Despite Frylow’s many testimonials and established presence in the market, we were naturally skeptical about the extraordinary claims Frylow made while pitching their product. We decided to test run Frylow in one of our northern California locations for 3 months and were surprised to see a 45% reduction in fry oil purchases compared to the same period the prior year. We have since rolled out Frylow to all Washington and California locations with Oregon slated to be next and so on…Over the past year we have consistently seen a stable, near 50% reduction in fry oil purchases across the board, resulting in 6 figure savings. Additionally we have benefited from higher food quality. Significantly less oil is absorbed affording a much healthier product and our fried food stays crispier longer with better color. It is my professional opinion that any restaurant using fryers should use Frylow."

Theo LaConte RUI-Supply Chain Manager